Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship

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Providing scholarships & investing in students with the Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship!

For nearly 125 years Montana Tech has connected focused students to a network of people, opportunities, and experiences that empower them to impact the world in substantial ways.

We know the Montana Tech community can change the world. We also know how important it is to allow future generations the opportunity to be part of that legacy. That is why the Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship is so important.

An investment in the Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship allows us the recruit the next generation of determined doers to Montana Technological University as well as answer the needs of our current students.  It can be awarded to any student, from anywhere, in any course of study. The Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship provides much needed dollars to help attract future Orediggers to Montana Tech, it helps grow enrollment and lowers financial barriers for students while ultimately reducing debt upon graduation.


We are especially grateful to a member of the Montana Tech family who has offered to match dollar for dollar given to the Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship up to $80,000. If we meet that goal we are confident that an additional $160,000 a year will help us recruit new students and take care of our current students.

Will you consider making a gift today to the Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship? Your gift will be matched 1:1 through the end of the year, which means every $500 has the impact of $1,000!

Help grow Montana Tech's enrollment, reduce student debt and help make the Oredigger dream a reality for future generations, with a gift to the Tech Vision Endowed Scholarship.

Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word! Share this project on social media, by email, and tell your friends!

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