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Montana Technological University Nursing Departmental Fund

Support the next generation of healers at Montana Technological University!

The Montana Tech Nursing program has shown continued growth, and acceptance to the program is extremely competitive. We are happy to share that we have been able to expand our enrollment this fall growing from 20 students per semester to 30, this incremental increase will result in 50% more students in the clinical component of the program by fall of 2022. We are moving forward on construction of a new Nursing Simulation Center, with completion expected Fall 2021. The addition of the SIM Center will provide opportunities for a significant increase in the number of nursing students at Montana Tech and will better prepare them to care for our communities in the future. 

This year had been unique, to say the least. Moving instruction on line last spring due to COVID-19 challenged us to be as nimble as possible in order to serve our students in the midst of a crisis. It has also brought into focus how important it is to grow our Montana Tech Nursing Departmental Fund so that we have funds that are immediately accessible. Growing the Montana Tech Nursing Departmental Fund allows flexibility as well as funds to purchase unexpected but needed equipment for both students and faculty, and to provide emergency scholarship support for students. It provides an opportunity to invest in continued education for faculty including giving more of our faculty the opportunity to become SIM certified. We care deeply for the success of our students and for the growth of Montana Tech Nursing, a gift to the Montana Tech Nursing Departmental Fund is an investment in that success.

The Nursing Department at Montana Tech has become a leader in education in the state, recently an independent study ranked the program as the #1 Registered Nursing Program in Montana, and we aim to keep it that way. Please consider investing in Montana Tech Nursing students making a gift today to the Montana Tech Nursing Departmental Fund.

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Montana Tech nursing students volunteering at a local high school health fair