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There is so much to love about libraries; they play a foundational role in our communities, allowing access to educational and cultural resources, most often at no cost to those they serve. Libraries are places to learn and gather, providing opportunities and space for learning, collaboration, and opening doors to new ideas.

According to Scott Juskiewicz, Montana Tech Library Director, on behalf of the Montana Tech Library Team, “The library at Montana Tech opens a portal through which students become lifelong learners and doers. Not only does the library provide a space for study and research, it is also where students learn comradery, hard work, academic integrity, and information literacy. These skills are vital for students as they head out to the workforce and become citizens and stewards of our country.”

Above: Montana Tech students studying in the library 1950

The library's collections support the diverse academic programs and research in the university's College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies, the School of Mines and Engineering, Highlands College, and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG).

The library is host to many collections including federal, state, and foreign documents, as well as maps and atlases, patents, and institutional archival materials.  The collections are available in various formats including electronic, print, DVD, CD, and microforms.

Within these collections are unique offerings including a special area designated for local Superfund information and publications of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Above; Current Montana Tech Students Studying in the Library

The Montana Tech Library strives to be both a steward of our history and a space for ideas and innovation. They invite you to support their efforts by becoming a Friend of the Montana Tech Library.  Funds raised through the Friends of the Montana Tech Library allow the library to be adaptive and offer innovative programming for our students, host events for our campus and community and provide resources for library improvements. 

Please consider making a gift today to invest in the Montana Tech Library.Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word! Share this project on social media, by email, and tell your friends!

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