Environmental Engineering Anniversary Scholarship

Invest in Environmental Engineering Students at Montana Tech!

Help us meeting our goals of 50 donors and $50,000!

Montana Tech boasts one of the oldest and most established Environmental Engineering degree programs anywhere in the world, celebrating 50 years!

We believe in investing in the growth of our program and our students and we ask you to join us. 

Recently at the 50th Anniversary or the program a challenge was issued, in honor of the anniversary we are asking for 50 donors to give to the Environmental Engineering Anniversary Scholarship in the next month and to raise $50,000 towards the scholarship in the next year.

Raising money for the Environmental Engineering Anniversary Scholarship allows us to recruit more students to Environmental Engineering at Montana Tech, while also supporting current students.

Please consider making a gift today and investing in our Environmental Engineering students at Montana Tech.


Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word! Share this project on social media, by email, and tell your friends!  

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