Safety Olympics - Montana Tech SHIH

Invest in Montana Tech Safety, Health, and Industrial Hygiene students!

Safety Olympics - Montana Tech SHIH

Montana Technological University’s Safety, Health, and Industrial Hygiene Department empowers students through transformative, science-based learning to become competent leaders in safety and health.

We believe in offering our students hands on learning opportunities and in this spirit we have the opportunity to send 8 students and 2 faculty members to the 2024 Safety Olympics at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. 

The annual Safety Olympics challenges the knowledge and skills of top safety college students by placing them in multiple safety events over two days. In addition to the competition an Occupational Safety & Health Career Fair will be held on Thursday, February 29 for all students to attend.

Safety Olympics events include:

  • Safety Jeopardy - All six team members will work together to clear the Jeopardy board within 60 minutes.  This exciting event tests students’ knowledge and the ability to think on their feet.   All test questions are based on the required knowledge for the ASP exam.
  • Hazard Recognition - Teams will work together to inspect a virtual workspace, using virtual reality technology.  They will need to work together to identify all the hazards, find the General Industry standard associated with those hazards, and develop recommendations for corrective actions before the time runs out! All six team members will participate in this event.
  • Presentation Preparation - Safety professionals must be able to effectively articulate in writing and in presentations the nature of hazards and risks.  They may also need to address dangerous situations in a timely manner. In this event, teams draw a topic (hazard) at random and are provided 45 minutes to develop a presentation and 15 minutes to deliver it. Three of the team members will participate in this event.
  • Safety Innovation - Teams will select a safety issue, prior to the competition, that is a current problem in industry. Teams will create an innovative solution to that problem. In advance of this event, they will also prepare a boardroom style presentation to introduce their solution. During this event, three team members will present the problem and solution, as well as answer any questions from the judges about their proposal.
  • Incident Investigation - This hands-on event evaluates a team’s ability to thoroughly investigate a simulated accident. Each team acts independently to assess the situation, review witness statements, gather evidence and present their findings that aim at eliminating repeat accidents in the future. Three team members must participate in the investigation and presentation.
  • Safety Culture - The culture of an organization governs the behaviors of that organization. In this event, three team members will be provided a scenario of a safety culture issue prior to the competition. They will prepare a boardroom style presentation to convince management to implement their plan to change the safety culture.

Today we are asking for your help to send our students to represent Montana Tech in this year's Safety Olympics. Your gift not only provides resources for our current students but allows us to continue offering innovative opportunities to our students to expand their knowledge past the classroom.   

Please consider giving today and investing in our students and Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene department at Montana Tech. Help us spread the word, please share this project on social media, by email and tell your friends! 

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