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At Montana Tech, petroleum engineering students learn drilling engineering, production engineering, and reservoir engineering, as well as receive hands-on lab and field experience in our unparalleled location in the Northern Rockies. 

As the industry is faced with an aging workforce population, Montana Tech is uniquely positioned to accelerate meeting the demand, and produce premier multi-disciplinary petroleum engineers for the future. This year, the department welcomed the largest incoming class of new students in over five years.

As higher-education continues to evolve, Montana Tech is committed to providing graduates with key fundamental aspects, a broad base of technical skills, industry experience, deep understanding of petroleum engineering, applied learning in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the soft skills graduates need to perform rigorously, behave ethically, and communicate effectively.  

With this in mind, the Petroleum Engineering Department is asking you to invest in the future of our program with a gift to the Petroleum Engineering Faculty Endowment. 

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