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Recruiting More Mining Engineers at Montana Tech

For nearly 125 years the Montana Tech Mining Department has produced mining engineers with a particular aptitude for practical application of what they learn, our engineers have a particular knack for getting rock in the box. An important part of that preparation is the industry learned and applied knowledge shared by talented faculty to better prepare them for life in industry after graduation. 

The world needs more Mining Engineers and that is why we created Mining Engineering Outreach and Recruiting Fund.

Raising funds for the Mining Engineering Outreach and Recruiting Fund allows the Mining Engineering Department to increase recruiting scholarship dollars, promote our program with increased outreach, and help expand our online presence through social media.

We are happy to report by increasing our outreach and available recruiting dollars over the past year is bearing positive results.  We have increased our first-year student class from four in Fall 2021 to thirteen in Fall 2023 and increased the total number of undergraduates from 32 in Spring 2022 (including 4 students who graduated) to 49 in Fall 2023.

Please consider making a gift today to Mining Engineering Outreach and Recruiting Fund to invest in the promotion of the department and the recruitment and support of the next generation of Montana Tech Mining Engineers. Please spread the word and share this project on social media, by email and tell your friends! 

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